Are you unsure or not comfortable designing your own My Car Art frame? Then let us design it for you.

Follow the step by step instructions below and our Design Team will send you up to three My Car Art designs to choose from.

Step 1: Click on the link to automatically open an email on your desk top or phone. This email will already include the Subject line "Please Design a My Car Art Frame for Me" as well as a message in the body to fill out the information required to design your My Car Art frame. 

Step 2: Tell us about your car (year, make and model) by click your cursor on each line.

Step 3: Tell us if the there is a specific emblem you would like to use. You can find the emblem code in the My Car Art Builder by selecting the make and model for your car and then hover your mouse over the emblem of your choice to have the emblem code displayed (e.g. F-Must-0001_(6.5x3)).

Step 4: Tell us which of our 4 template sizes you would like (single or double 5x7 or 8x10) your design made in.

Step 5: Tell us any other information about your car or design that may help us.

Step 6: Attach the one or two pictures of your car you would like used in the design.

Step 7: Enter your contact name and phone number in case we have to contact you during the design process.

Step 8: Send the email (Do not forget to attach your pictures)

Within 72 hours our Design Team will design and send to you up to 3 My Car Art design choices that you will be able to choose from.